Saturday, March 29, 2014

WANTED: Bob's Red Engine Walkers......Hospice Hike 2014

Only caption I can come up with......Love this!

Bob's Red Engine Walkers are gearing up for the Hospice Hike and we have 12 people registered to participate (Team goal: 20 hikers!).  We've also had donations to help us reach our team goal of $1000!  We are now at $700!

If you are thinking of joining us, don't be afraid of the walk!  It's not a run....It's not a fast paced trot....It's a leisurely stroll through Governor's Land and only two miles.  You walk that far when grocery Short Pump shopping....or at a flea market! 

Additional perks.....for the first 20 people to register to walk, you'll get a free t-shirt! I don't have a live version to share with you, but I can show you the artwork.....

T-shirt front!  The t-shirts will be red, of course!  (I drew the truck and then my friend and co-worker redid it into a format we could use for the t-shirts - Thanks Kealan!)

The back of the shirts will have a saying that Dad used to say all the time.....Great Day!  Great Day...look at that old truck!  Great Day...that's a good report card! Or sometimes just.....Great Day!  We felt that saying was appropriate for this occasion as well!

T-shirts will be ordered next week so if planning to join us, please message me your t-shirt size (unisex sizes)!

The link below will take you directly to my web-page via Hospice House and just follow the directions to join a team.  The team to join of course is Bob's Red Engine Walkers!

The countless hours of the Hospice House staff and volunteers are such a blessing to those in need.  Yes, our loved ones were patients and in need of comforting during those final weeks, days and hours.  But we needed the care and compassion as well and what better way to give back to this wonderful establishment in our very own community.....Let's Hike for Hospice!

Love you all!

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