Saturday, April 12, 2014

Now residing with the Ward family.....Goadie Nell!

There was no question that I would have a painting of a cow in my kitchen!  Not a 'Guh-huh...Giddy Up Cow' and not one that looked primitive.  I wanted one that's different and well, ME!

I love Pinterest and started my search there.  I typed in 'cow painting' and looked at what seemed like hundreds of possibilities. 

Finally, with the scroll of a finger THE cow appeared!  I couldn't  tap on it quick enough to take me to the web-link.  All excitement, including the smile on my face and flash in my eyes immediately vanished with the words....NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

If you know me, you know I'm not a quitter.......I kept searching....found the luck!  Even found some other possibilities and all wonderful, but not MY cow.  I had to resign to the fact that this was not going to be an easy task and if this cow was meant to be in my kitchen, it would appear. 

In the meantime, I became friends with T-bone, Lola & Millie at the Meadow's Farm!  Love these three and their personalities.  Yes....personality!

I'd been playing around with many options for my cow painting and trying to decide whether to play around with the photos of my new friends and do a canvas wrap or one of many cool photo printing techniques on you guessed it....Pinterest!  OR.....try to paint it myself.  Hmmmmm....what's a girl to do?

Imagine my excitement when I was scrolling through Facebook early one morning when one of my favorite Facebook pages...Antique Farm House posted a giveaway......and it was MY cow!  I could hardly contain myself!  I wanted to order it right away fearful it would be sold out or something, but hey I've got just as much chance as anyone to win it too!

The drawing was in four days...I can wait!  I can wait!  I can wait! (I know what you are thinking....order the daggone painting and if you win, return the one you bought!)  I checked into that and this painting could not be returned.  No worries - I need to learn a little patience anyhow!  D'lawd it was killing me!

I didn't win!  But the winner was announced at 11:30am and by 12:00 noon she had started her journey to the Ward's home!

She is here!

She arrived and needed a name!  I already knew I was going to use the name 'Goad' somehow because Stephen's grandparents used to farm this land and yes, had cows! (That's why I wanted the painting in the first place).  However, I want her to have a clever folksy name.......Goadie came to mind immediately and I loved it!  But what else...she either needs a middle name or a last name....I prefer a middle name. 

I consulted Melvina (aka Cindy) for name recommendations and we came up with the following:
  • Goadie Maude (Mom had an Aunt Maude)
  • Goadie Ward
  • Goadie Gertie (Pap used to call someone Gravel Gertie!!)
I was just about set with Goadie Maude and asked Stephen what Grannie Goad's first name was......Nellie!  Oh My Goodness!  Are you kidding me! 

I didn't want her exact name....Nellie Goad....but decided to flip it and MY cow's official name is:

Goadie Nell

She is beautiful and exactly what I wanted!  Goadie Nell - Welcome to the family!

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