Monday, March 3, 2014

A Sewing Frenzy with my Brother!

Growing up, the oldest of two girls.  And the only children in our family of four....I remember wanting an older brother!  Ha! 

Maybe that's why I thoroughly enjoy using my Brother sewing machine! It's nothing fancy and it won't embroider or monogram anything (pause for a moment of silence while I dream!)  OK - back to reality!

I recently pulled out my sewing machine because I had to make the curtains for our family room (that's another post!) and that lead to pillow covers...that lead to curtains for the apron.....and of course the most fabulous pink hat!

Here we go.....

This is me playing with Photo Explosion!

These were probably the easiest curtains I've ever made.  The fun floral print is backed with burlap and looks like a roman shade, but it's not.  I simply made one panel the width and length of the entire window.  Made a casing at the top for spring rod #1 and set it in place.  I placed spring rod #2 about 10 inches below #1 and draped the panel over it.  Next, I measured 10 inches down and put spring rod #3 in place and you guess it...draped it one last time.  With a straight pin, I did secure them in place but once the burlap and fabric relaxed, it would probably be fine.
The pillow on the right was the start of a small quilt top I made many years ago and never did get around to finishing it.  Now that I'm using red as an accent color in the kitchen and family room, it's perfect as a pillow top. does pay to hold on to things!
I love making pillows because I am by no means a perfectionist when I sew.  Sometimes I'll wing it and other times I'll follow the pattern to the final step.
Here's an example of winging it.....

Ladies - you know when your husband, boyfriend, etc. wears that certain pair of jeans?  This WAS that pair of jeans.  Stephen decided he no longer wanted to wear them because they had a hole in the knee.  I swiped those bad boys out of the trash and made myself an apron!  D'Lawd...don't make no dern sense to throw away a perfectly good pair of jeans!

I used scraps from my pillow making frenzy, kitchen curtains and a little black and white check. 
I cut out one square using pinking shears and then used it as a guide to cut out the rest.  I pinned them around the apron (not on the bottom though) and pinned them into place.  I freestyled around the apron about 5 times with my sewing machine..... making sure at least one of the stitches caught the corner of each square.  Next I added the ties around the waist and neck and I'm done!  What else ya got in that closet you want to get rid of?

This hat has nothing to do with my sewing frenzy but I do love it.  I did however buy it during a thrift shop frenzy with Kathy & Cindy.....$1.00

I do have another pant leg from those jeans!  So here's what I'm thinking.....if you'd like an apron, put a comment on the actual blog post and I'll put your name in the hat.  Drawing will be.....MONDAY, MARCH 10TH!! (I'm trying to get exposure for my blog so please put your comment on the blog not Facebook).

Now get your Brother out of the closet and start sewing!   


  1. Put my name in the hat. That would make a mighty fine apron to have at the beach. KBG

  2. I know you are my sister....but you are the ONLY person interested in having an apron made for them! So it's yours!


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