Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine's Day....the most beautiful or dreaded holiday of the year!  The time of year when flowers, especially roses are priced way to high and who really NEEDS a box of chocolates?  (Of course, I've just learned that you can purchase genuine German chocolates here in our sleepy town of Williamsburg!)  I thought I needed one, or two, or four earlier today but managed to fight the temptation and had some strawberries instead.
Personally, my ideal Valentine (let's see is my husband really does read my blog!) is one that's handmade.  Even if on a piece of notebook paper with the torn ruffled edges.  Why you ask?  Because whatever is written on the coffee stained napkin are your words and I know they came from your heart. 
Flowers? I think all women love flowers and gentlemen....the flowers don't have to be perfectly arranged (even though my favorite florist, Seasons of Williamsburg, will create a most beautiful arrangement for you!).  Picking your own bouquet and walking into your Valentine's job or even at home after a busy day.....priceless!
I enjoyed Valentine's Day as much as the kids did and for weeks I'd search and try to come up with a clever idea for them to hand out.  Now they are all grown, with the exception of Andrew.  But, he's too 'grown' to handout a monster shaped cut out with one eye on it reading.....I only have EYE for you!
This isn't a monster, but I think it is adorable!  So cute and clever!  Bookmark this!  Brown craft paper, the giggly eyes can be found in the craft section at Walmart or any craft/fabric store, and the hearts are cut out of red craft/scrapbooking paper.
How cute is this?  This is for the parents of my grandchildren....So easy and adorable! You could even do one hand print of each child, making sure the connect to make the heart in the center.  And, if it were MY project (I don't want to tell you what to do and all!), but I'd do one and then run down to Kinko's and make copies.  Otherwise, they'll need to put red paint on their hands over and over again.
This idea is for the amazing writers in my life....what a catchy idea!  Most of your larger department stores, or even grocery stores carry neat mechanical pencils that are cheap too!  And I know Janet has already thought of at least two more clever saying using the word 'write'! Love it!
This is my favorite!  Of course, if you are buying for a class of 20 students, it could  be a little costly.  But, if you have a favorite this and tuck it in his coat pocket, lunch box, etc.  You can use your computer to make the catchy little card, but you don't have to.  Get you some card stock and draw a race car and write the message.....You make my heart race!  If your little guy is doing these for his classmates, you could change it up a little to say....I'd RACE to be your Valentine (that way he won't be totally embarrassed).
Who am I kidding?  Even though my kids are all grown up and no longer making a box for receiving their secret notes....I still give away Valentines and yes, I've been looking for a few weeks trying to decide exactly what I want to make. It might just have to be something sweet!  Hmmmmmm.
Bottom line - you don't have to break the bank to show someone you love them on Valentine's Day.  Just please don't send a text or an email pouring out your innermost feelings....B.O.R.I.N.G!  Aim for the fence....get out the scissors and paste and make one! 
Love ya...mean it!

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