Monday, February 10, 2014

E-I-E-I-OH this was so much fun!

And on that farm he had a bull.....E-I-E-I-O!  Meet my new friend, T-Bone!

You might remember several months ago, James City County made the national news when this handsome fella decided to explore Forge Road.  Such an innocent face!

We recently had the opportunity to visit Toano Stables and our friend, Tonya Meadows greeted us with open arms to show us around.  Here stands a woman who's hair salon is decorated with her favorite posters of Marilyn Monroe  and with the quick flip of a switch (or change into brown farm boots), her own beauty starts to shine.  She's home....she's on the farm!

Since moving into our new home, I've wanted a photo of a cow, herd of cows....something to commemorate the once active farmland, we now live on.  So far, I've been drawn to paintings, but when Tonya & Todd added two beauties to their own farm, I knew I had to go visit....with camera in hand!

I threw on my best high heels and off we went!  Ha! Ha!  That's surely a joke!
I wasn't even five steps from the truck and there were already wonderful sights to capture on film!

You know I love the truck!
And let me introduce you to Lola & Millie.......just adorable! I wanted to reach in and just rub on them, but the barbed wire prevented that from happening.  Having a bucket of grain helped coax them to the fence, but they were very interested in what that strange lady with the camera was doing.  And, I love those long white eyelashes!

Millie & Lola

Miss Lola was the first to come to the fence.  She stepped back a little with the click of the camera but didn't take long to come back for me.  Photo hog!

Millie...that face is going to take you places!

T-Bone is definitely boss of the pasture!

And then there were chickens!  They were cool too, but just look at those awesome colors. I love the teal hen house, brown hens and let's talk about that mean rooster!  Todd tried to introduce another rooster and it was quickly discovered that would NOT be happening....No! No! No! Not today! 

Star!  Another one of God's beautiful creatures!

Such a great afternoon and I want to thank Tonya & Todd for allowing us to come look around and take some photographs of their wonderful creatures....and their amazing life on the farm! 

I'm not sure yet whether I want to try my hand at painting or play around with the different enhancements to the digital photos.  I'll probably try both!

Great day!

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