Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monday was a Lazy Daisy Kinda Day!

We were fortunate to have the day off Monday, and all I needed was a little coaxing to go to Chester, Va and visit Cindy at the Lazy Daisy.

Cindy sent me a quick photo of a red sphere thingy and I wanted it for my kitchen.  Red is a hot color in my kitchen and that would be a perfect accent piece.....calling my name!  Some ladies have shoes that call their name....others have a new outfit...I have red sphere thingies call my name!

As we walked around the Lazy Daisy you find quickly that you need to make 2 trips around because there is just that much to see.  It's not your typical craft shop because they have vintage pieces, retro must-haves, gawwwgeous refinished furniture at the Forgotten Pearl (Cindy's creations!), antiques, jewelry and on and on and on.....
OK, to some of you this is a photo of some paper towels and what looks like a pantry.  Well it is!  Be patient with me for a minute....I'd just said I needed something to fill up the space in the bottom of my pantry.  It's a decent size pantry but the bottom is just lost space and before I found this lovely storage unit, equipped with essential drawers too......I was saving my bags inside of bags and yes, paper towels.  Isn't this much better?  I think so.  Cha-Ching!

After schlepping myself upstairs (lawd they are some steep stairs), back down again and started making my way to the register to pay for my red sphere thingy and my black wire storage for my pantry.....I almost ran right into it!

This lovely gem was tucked in a corner with a lamp on it.  I saw the words 'Farm Truck' and it caught my eye.  The little lamp was lovely, but I had to set it aside.  It's all metal and yes, the seat is crafted out of old license plates.  I had to sit on it and thank goodness, whomever welded those bad boys together did a good job, because it did not pinch!  That would surely have given the patrons of LD something to laugh about!

Cindy and I made eye contact and without saying a word, she knew!  She finally broke silence with her contagious laugh by saying, "When I saw that, I immediately thought of you!".....And I think I'm going to pick it up and take it home! 

It's the little things like this that make your house a home!  Am I intrigued by the magazine style homes...some of them.  They give me inspiration but I wouldn't want to copy one item for item.  What fun would that be?  You don't have to visit thrift stores or flea markets to make your home beautiful and unique, but make it unlike anyone elses and make sure it's a reflection of you and your family.  Even if it's a red sphere thingy.....Gitcha some!

Thank you Michelle for your hospitality and for sharing your vision of unique happiness with the rest of us!
Cover Photo
They are located right off Rt. 10 in Chester and you can find them on Facebook too with a sampling of what all the vendors bring in daily!  Like I said before.....Gitcha some!

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  1. You are so right. The Lazy Daisy is such a sweetheart of a place. I'll never forget how Michele helped me out last year when she new I needed to help my Daughter. And the store just kept growin'
    like a weed. I can't walk in that place without feelin' like I was in my Grandma's house in Carolina. I just wanna bring my blankie and curl up. Thanks Michele for bringin' that sweet Southern spirit to Chester. Love it.


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