Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Skating? Piece of Cake!

I remember the ONE time I went ice skating.  It was at the Hampton Coliseum with Dana, Jeff and Alan.  "I can roller skate, so ice skating should be a piece of cake!"  Ha - final last words!  I think we laughed from the time we set foot on the ice until we left.  No- ice skating and roller skating are NOT the same!

These girls found out just how difficult it is this past weekend at the skating rink in New Town.  Gma gave my nieces tickets for Christmas.  Two each, so they could bring a friend.  I don't know who had more fun because we sure laughed quite a bit while they were getting the hang of it.

We started the afternoon with a little lunch and..........milkshakes!

Lunch was delish and off to skate they went......Aunt Robin with camera in hand!  Gma mentioned we should have brought the video camera and the next hour proved she was right!

Somewhere they found some nerve sprinkled with a little bravery because they let go of the wall!  As you can see, they also found some laughter!

Oh no!  Don't do it!  They did it AND managed to stay on two feet.

Once you fall down, it's harder to stand back up than actually skating!  The peanut gallery laughed. Yes, we laughed!

They skated for about an hour and I think that was just about enough. Their hurting ankles and dodging the little kids floating around and trying to fall down, was just about all they could handle.  

One of the girls said, "Mom, you and Aunt Robin should put on skates and skate with us!" HAHA - Somebody has jokes!  Not only would I fall and bust my butt, but I'd look like Scooby Doo on an out of control fast treadmill with legs flying in all directions.  Negative on the ice skates!

According to G-ma......That was a money well spent!

Gwyn & Thelma's Skating Adventure!

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